Welcome to the Voyage Within!

We are a fantasy roleplay server set in the realm of Celest. As beautiful as it is, Celest is said to have appeared after the destruction of Geurdonia, also known as the Realm of the Past. Depending who you talk to, there was a flood, widespread fires, disease, or even mythical beasts trampling through Guerdonia until its end, but they all agree that their home was risen from that dust.

You play a vital part in The Voyage Within as a villager in either St. Mark’s Fort, Daelcon Cave, or the city of Mez. Jump right in and begin trading with your fellow villagers, defending your home, or attacking your enemies.

IP: play.mcvoyagewithin.com

St. Mark’s Fort:

Home to beautiful farmlands and the massive St. Mark’s Cathedral, this is a place for the simple farmer, looking for very little more than food to eat and a place to worship. The fort was built when groups of nomads found the plentiful land and chose to settle for the first time since the destruction of Guerdonia.

Daelcon Cave:

Mystery surrounds this cave, and magic fills it. No one is quite sure how the magic came to be, but it only seems to work within the confines of Daelcon Cave. Be cautious here though — lava covers the ground beneath the cozy apartments and houses kept cool by spells.


A place of wealth and beauty, Mez is truly an oasis in the desert of Celest. The people of Mez enjoy spending time wandering the paths of their extravagant city, but have to work a bit harder than the rest to get enough food and resources for the city.

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