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Story of St. Mark's Fort

Although no one is certain about how St. Mark’s Fort came to be, it is said that before Celest existed, there was Guerdonia. A catastrophic disaster, known only by legend, destroyed the grand civilizations of the past, leaving not more than a few bands of nomads. At first, it was only one group who chose to settle near the west coast, where their gatherings seemed more plentiful, but a few more bands joined as they discovered the settlement. They learned to grow their own crops, and eventually raise their own cattle, creating the beginnings of a new home, leaving Guerdonia behind forever. Houses were built, and St. Mark's Cathedral was built to honor the God that guided them through the harsh winter.

The cathedral became the centerpiece of the town, drawing attention from passing travelers and nomads. Worried, the people elected to build a wall and form their own military. An unofficial government was born, and quickly developed into an official theocratic oligarchy. The next few months were spent developing the civilization. Commonfolk spent every day building the fort walls, and the educated few drafted and re-drafted The Constitution of St. Mark's Fort.

From there, St. Mark's Fort only grew and improved. Each harvest brought a more plentiful crop than the last, and the constitution was amended to keep up with the changing times as the population grew. It all went well, until The Great War.

Written and edited by Liam (LiamDW#6131)
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Story of Mez
After the fall of Geurdonia, a select few settlers from the dunes region made the decision to rebuild immediately. They toiled away daily, striving to recreate the beauty that once existed in Mezark. Grand towers and palaces had filled the metropolis, all destroyed in The Catastrophe, and it would take decades to build it all again. Determined, the settlers followed their dreams regardless. Their devotion inspired others to join the cause, and they became The Mason Guild. When The Mason Guild initially formed, they had three founders, known by legend as the Elder Tsars. Although their names were lost in the library fire, they are admired for their dedication to Mez. Interestingly enough, the Elder Tsars never put their name on any of their architecture, claiming that they were doing their work for the greater good of mankind. That mentality eventually led the rulers of Mez to lead a 100% democracy, as the settlers built their community looking out for each other. Once Mez was fully established from the ruins of Mezark, it became a trading populace. Settlers from St. Mark’s Fort and Daelcon Cave, as well as nomads of Celest, traveled there to buy, sell, and trade their goods. Many people even set up traveling shops to sell services, or led caravans loaded with anything from rugs to vegetables. Mez has used the flourishing economy to add more beauty to the city each day. Written and edited by Liam (LiamDW#6131)
The Forbidden River
Through the sandstorms in the dunes of the Western desert runs a calm river, separating the life of the descendants from the unknown. While calm and soothing, the sound of the river was once deceitful, and many were too thirsty to notice the fossilized bones lining the river banks. Desperate travelers and animals leaned down to satisfy their thirst, disintegrating into nothing but bone and leftover ash from the skin which once clung to life. The legend of the Western River was mentioned in folklore and stories across the realm of Celest, however, it was the nation of Mez which truly discovered such horror that resides in the west. Unable to house and properly try criminals fleeing from the highlander territory of St. Mark’s Fort and those from Daelcon Cave, the oligarchy of Mez ruled these criminals to be tested by the river itself. A caravan was led through the harsh desert winds and heat of the day, and the piercing cold winds of the night. When they arrived, a small camp was made by the riverbank. At dawn, the Mez Minister of Law, Jonah Vaezl ordered three men into the river — one from each nation — to experiment the potential differences between the three civilizations. Before the eyes of the oligarchy and their onlookers, the three men dissolved into the water, vanishing below the surface of the calm ripples. They went without fight, and became one with the natural source of life. Perplexed, Jonah ordered three more men, and three more after that, and eventually, even those who were simply observers, convinced that those of true Mezian descent would survive the unknown dangers of the river. Hours later, the only men to stand alongside the bank were the Ministers themselves, cast with fear. Still shocked by the scene that had just played out, Jonah demanded the other ministers return to Mez and expound upon their findings in the Grand Library of Theal, which later suffered a heat-induced fire that engulfed thousands of books and writings, including the findings of the ministers. This demand would be Jonah’s last, for he would then be taken by the river himself, or so legend has it. The legend has been told in many variations since, with some even mentioning a being on the other side of the river, quickly darting into the water to collect bones, jewelry, and clothing; however, these beings have not been seen since, and the only description which parallels other myths is the darker skin tone and sharper ears than the descendants of Guerdonia. It is legend, after all, which creates curiosity about the river, gives it its simplistic name, and tells of the simplicity of a source of life, meaning, and in this case, a barrier, for all we know is that the river cannot be crossed and therefore it is assumed, that nothing can cross it. It is for the safety of Celest that the river is a great distance from those closest to it, and if any individual, no matter which civilization, nears it… it is almost certain that they will perish into the calm ripple of the Western River. Written by Jack (Quintessential#3268)
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Plants and Animals of Celest Goats: Nomads of the highlands use these. Many families of poor farmers have goats to provide income and sustenance for themselves. While many use the goat for milk and cheese, others use the babies as pets in their home, as there aren’t many domesticated animals. Daelcon Chickens: Most chickens in Celest are used in the Daelcon Caves, kept in special boxes infused with magic that prevents them from dying of heat. At first, there were only two chickens kept by the King of the Dwellers, but eventually the chickens became too populous and were handed out to the settlers. Most Dweller residents do not like to eat chicken meat and only eat eggs. Camels: Used in the dunes, for their high carrying capacity and low maintenance, they are a favorite to the people of Mez. Camels require little food and clean water, which the people of Dunes have barely enough of. Wither Roses: Its thorns are used as a very important ingredient in crippleheal arrows, an arrow that heals as much to the player as it takes. The thorns are extracted and ground to make a syrup that if touched, leaves a black and red rash all over the body. Blazing Flowers: Found in the northern deserts and used in the Daelon caves, for their resistance to fire. Contrary to popular belief, they were not named due to their resistance to heat but for their color. Starting with yellow in the middle and eventually getting redder and redder, they appear to be on fire. Written by Dragon (dragon#7424), edited by Liam (LiamDW#6131)
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