We take your game experience very seriously, and have created these rules to ensure maximum fun for everyone playing. Please report any rule violations you notice.

1. Respect all staff and fellow players.

1.1 Spamming will not be permitted.

1.1.1Includes all caps.

1.1.2 Includes repeating the same message in quick succession more than twice.

1.1.3 Includes repeated keyboard smashes or single word/letter messages.

1.2 Do not impersonate staff.

1.3 Do not lie to other players about the existence of certain rules. Speculation is allowed, but best practice is to always double-check.

1.4 Griefing will result in a year-long ban.

1.4.1 The exception is when there is an ongoing war. Wars will be very clearly announced, and saying you weren’t aware that there was no war will also not be tolerated.

2. Maintain a friendly and PG-13 environment.
2.1 Keep your language appropriate.

2.1.1 Cursing is allowed if non-excessive. An occasional slip-up here and there is okay, but frequent offenders will be warned, and muted if needed.

2.1.2 Slurs are absolutely not tolerated. You will be banned. If you are not sure if what you are about to say is a slur or not, do not say it all.

2.2 Roleplaying is not an excuse to be unnecessarily rude/hateful to other players. There is a line, and you will be warned if you cross it. If you cross it twice, you will be muted.

2.3 Do not send threats of any kind to any player or staff member.

3. Be honest and play fair.
3.1 Hacking will result in a permanent ban, and an IP ban for multiple offenses.

3.2 Do not sell anything in the game chat or Discord chat. All store items or skins must be bought at the source. This does not include in-game trading and bartering, as long as no real money is involved.

3.2.1 Purchasing a custom server skin from a player will result in a week-long ban for the seller, followed by a week-long mute, and a two-week-long mute for the buyer. This will be heavily regulated.

These rules may be altered as needed, and no notice is required. However, we will try to make an announcement for every change of the rules. Thank you for striving to make The Voyage Within a better community!

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