Towny Tutorial:

You will start out at /spawn, from which point you may go left to check out some dungeons (do not enter without armor!) or right to explore spawn and eventually find zeppelins to 2 of our staff-made towns! There is also a trade vessel leading to a third staff-made town.

Before you explore, though, you'll want to get your kits. All players can use /kit starter and /kit townsperson right away, but you can buy a rank from our webstore to gain access to other kits.

The staff-made towns are St. Mark's Fort (/t join highlander), Daelcon Cave (/t join dwellers), and Mez (/t join mez). All 3 are explained in detail on our website's lore page, and each makes a great choice for a starter town or a long-term home.

If you choose not to join a premade town, you can do /wild to go to our wilderness world! Currently, /wild will take you to a specific location every time. We want player towns to be close together while the server is still growing, and we will change this when we see a need to.

Once you've settled down a bit, you need to make some cash! Do /jobs browse to check out your options, and then join up to 2 jobs. Another way you can make money is to use our shop with /shop, selling items.

That's just about everything you need to know to get started! If you have questions, you may ask them in #support-chat or in our general server chat. Thank you for playing!

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